Nadya Sultan

Nadya Sultan

Manager University Qualification

Students, alumni, community partners, parents, and friends– I’d like to wish you a warm welcome to Metropolitan International University College (MIUC) website!

I believe Metropolitan International University College (MIUC) is a very special place because our nationally distinguished faculty is engaged in cutting-edge research and at the same are devoted to their teaching, to teacher education, and to mentoring graduate students.  This is a community of teachers and scholars engaged in addressing the most vexing educational dilemmas.

We are dedicated to preparing the next generation of teachers who have the passion and knowledge to improve learning experiences for children and youth.

In Metropolitan International University College (MIUC) along with the indoor and outdoor educational activities, extra-course social activities are also a part of education. The number of clubs in the university not only arranges extra-course seminars, panels, educational programs and conferences they are also effective and experienced in having participants.

As a result of Law programmes offered in MIUC, in addition to having students acquiring necessary knowledge and skills to be judge, attorney, lawyer, noter, law consultant, they are also aimed to be brought up as citizens to respect the universal virtues of the law.

In the Social Sciences, we offer a variety of courses so as to allow for flexibility with career choices.  One of our primary responsibilities is to develop a pool of citizens who, upon graduation, will be equipped to analyze complex societal problems and aid in their solutions. In this way, the Faculty continues the long tradition of making a significant contribution to both local and regional priorities. This responsibility is even more relevant in the increasingly complex global environment.

The Faculty at MIUC is committed to being your best ally during your time at MIUC, providing the type of academic advice and support services that will facilitate your learning and progress towards graduation. We therefore encourage you to utilize these services to help you to obtain answers to the questions you may have or to overcome difficulties you may encounter. But quite importantly, we challenge you to work with determination and consistency and to take responsibility for your own learning. Aim to become rounded and, throughout this very important phase of your life, enjoy your student experience.

I encourage you to explore our website or reach out to learn more about our college and its facilities. Even more, I encourage all students to visit the Office of the international qualifications to get to know the faculty and staff members who are dedicated to advocating and supporting students within the Metropolitan International University College community.