As a part of the broader outlook on education and initiative on provision of real time career exposure, RCI believes in the overall development of the students. As the global economy becomes more competitive, the competition for good jobs continues to increase. Students no longer have to simply be more qualified, but to be an entrepreneur. This is a fact that students can greatly enhance the classroom learning by gaining real world experience through college internships.

Being the students of a leading institute, RCI shall leave no stone unturned to bring a positive change in your organization through their innovative suggestions and hard work which are actually testament to their academic achievements. The amount of exposure given to RCI students through their participation in national and international seminars and forums, engagements with bureaucrats and diplomats for discussions, their students led initiatives have an overall impact on their grooming and shall act as a catalyst to help them adjust to the any challenging environment. Students have a part of the larger eco-system of entrepreneurial landscape right from their classrooms via annual Model United Nations and Entrepreneurship seminars organized by RIS and RCI . Since the Students are raised and grinded in such a manner that we can assure their strategic contribution to benefit your organization. Values such as respect for diversity and leadership have been inculcated in them since the day one.

Roots International Career Acceleration Program (RICAP) empowers students and alumni to translate their academic foundation, regardless of major or background, into professional success. Through industry-specific training, global networking connections, and opportunities to put a world-class education into practice, RICAP is helping students embark upon successful futures.

RICAP engages students in National and International corporate and social development projects that are often tailored to identify the individuals who have the drive and determination to take on new challenges! Students are provided with the opportunities to gain new skills by working on key projects & gaining edifying experiences.

RICAP provides cross-functional training, designed to give you a broad understanding of how the corporate sector operate and builds leadership skills to succeed in future opportunities. RICAP wants to take out the best out of the students by making them learn continuously. Using a high touch executive coaching approach, Career Acceleration assists the students to identify opportunities to improve and maximize their internal Career Currency. In addition it will support an understanding of how this is vital to their future career endeavors and aspirations.

RICAP aims at building the communication skills of the students as being able to communicate clearly and concisely is essential.  It also helps the students to manage along with co-workers from different generations effortlessly. It changes the mindset to excel in the corporate world. It teaches the students to solve the problems and diffuse the conflicts right away. RICAP helps in mastering the interviewing skills and making self development a priority. It also teaches the students to strengthen the leadership skills in order to get promoted faster. As a part of this Career Acceleration Program, we arrange field trips of the students in different prestigious organizations to gain the practical experience and professional exposure to the students.

In addition to providing great experience to complete the classroom learning, RCI wishes to send its students for summer internships that will help them boost up their portfolios or resumes and make valuable industry contacts that can be essential to landing the ideal job upon graduation. College internships are a great way to address both of those issues at the same time. RCI believes in providing students the high standards in academics and equipping them with the knowledge and practical experience to meet the employers’ expectations.